5 tips for an effective business intelligence strategy

As Business Intelligence (BI) Consultants, we are commonly tasked with inheriting a murky business intelligence strategy that involves cumbersome BI tools, data quality issues, and report modifications. We look at a given report and we find that it’s been built in a vacuum and - after studying the underlying tactics - we wish someone took [...]

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5 reasons we LOVE Microsoft Power BI

Many of us in the corporate world are used to "corporate intelligence." We get canned reports that may or may not answer our questions and we’re forced to extrapolate on those things that drive action in our business without being able to directly see and verify our claims. Corporate intelligence may have been the way [...]

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Go from data to insights in minutes. Dashboard in a Day is a free one-day workshop, designed to accelerate your Microsoft Power BI experience through a comprehensive instructor-led training program. Hosted at the Microsoft office in downtown Chicago, BI experts from Microsoft Partner, FlexManage, will train participants on how to utilize Power BI in their business. [...]

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