We plan and design, develop, deploy, and manage
IT solutions to help customers transform their business.

Core Services

Our flexible approach to delivery enables us to tailor solutions to specific business needs while controlling risk to make sure each project is delivered on-time and on-budget. This enables our customers to focus on their core business while increasing productivity, and operating efficiencies. Regardless of the approach, whether it’s on-premise or movement to the cloud, we help create a less complicated, and more reliable IT platform to run your business operations.

IT Strategy & Planning

IT Strategy & Planning

Gain clarity on how to become a cloud-enabled organization.

Our goal is to understand where you are today and show you how cloud-based solutions can lower costs, improve time to market and transform your business for tomorrow. We will help you understand how to leverage and maximize your existing IT assets and evaluate your future IT needs. Once we identify the right technology roadmap for your business we will develop a strategy to help your team plan, build, deploy and manage the new technology, enabling your team and business to start transforming your business for tomorrow.

Core Services
IT Roadmap | CIO Advisory Services

Device Management

We manage devices, applications and access by using integrated tools to improve business productivity, ensure corporate security and free up IT staff resources for other tasks by offering mobile device management and enterprise mobility.

By leveraging Microsoft tools like Intune and Enterprise Mobility + Security, we deliver application and device management completely from the cloud, or on-premises through integration with System Center, all from a centralized management console.

Core Services
Device Deployment | Device Security | Operating System Engineering




Unite your team and transform your business with productivity and collaboration tools.

As the pace of business intensifies, so does the need for innovative IT business solutions to leverage an organization’s core strengths of people, processes and technologies.

For more than a decade, FlexManage has been providing a complementary suite of high value business technology solutions and services that allow our clients to effectively focus on meeting their challenges and attaining success.

Core Services
Envisioning | Migrations | Intranets | Extranets | SharePoint Online


Technology is evolving at a frenetic pace.

You know better than anyone that it’s not just the velocity of change that’s made managing your infrastructure messy, costly and inefficient. It’s the depth and breadth of complexity.

We want to help you free your infrastructure from the restrictions of the past and consider a different approach. Plan, build, deploy and manage your infrastructure the way you want. We often suggest a hybrid approach that provides the flexibility, speed, efficiency and freedom you want to traverse from your datacenter to the cloud and back on your terms. We will work with your team to determine the right approach for your business needs, always taking into consideration the total operational cost and potential savings opportunities.

Core Services
Virtualization | Hybrid Cloud | Operations Management | Storage | Business Continuity | Backup & Recovery | IT Security | Networking | Servers


Analytics & IoT

Analytics & Internet of Things (IoT)

Helping clients gain value and insight from their data using proven industry-leading tools and technologies.

We partner with our customers to implement solutions to real business problems that deliver measurable value, quickly, reliably and securely. From data warehouses and advanced analytics to self-service reporting, we will provide the right solution to meet your organization’s needs to drive business transformation.

Core Services
Roadmaps & Assessments | Data Warehousing | Data Analytics | Dashboards & Scorecards | Enterprise Reporting & Analysis | Self-Service Analytics | Power BI | Internet of Things (IOT)

Deployment Services & Technology Adoption

The key to any successful migration is an effective communication plan.

Our team leverages a tightly integrated framework that enables any organization to deploy technology to their end users quickly and with increased satisfaction. We focus on the soft side of the deployment process with a heavy focus on end user change management to reduce the impact of the technology change.

We help customers manage the user experience via targeted individual communications aligned with the change process and schedule.  We provide a plan to proactively communicate throughout the migration process to ensure successful technology adoption.  This comprehensive plan includes readiness, training and support aspects of end user change management, focusing on both the change impact and true adoption to achieve the business gains for which the change process is undertaken. The end result yields higher user adoption and satisfaction ratings based on our streamlined process.

Click HERE to learn more about the FlexManage Adoption & Deployment of Progressive Technologies (ADOPT) Team and how we can partner with you.

Core Services
Migration Schedule | Communication Plan | Marketing Plan & Project Planning | User Adoption & Training Plan | Migration Staffing Plan | Steady State Planning & Support

Deployment Coordination Services