Helping clients simplify their technology landscape to enable and deliver a more agile and innovative business environment.

Core Services

Modern cloud computing offers simplicity, agility, and significant cost savings, but security is still a concern for many.

Let us help you navigate your path to the Cloud to empower your users, transform your core infrastructure, accelerate your deployment and create a predictable monthly IT expenditure.

Organizations are often confused as to which approach is best – public, private or hybrid cloud. To add to the complication, organizations are not sure what overall impact the cloud will have on their business when it comes to adoption and optimization. We will help you clearly define a cloud strategy by identifying what applications and workloads are best suited for cloud computing, mapping your current business objectives with the right cloud technologies and developing a cloud roadmap to help you get the most out of your cloud investment.

When you have the right partner by your side, it’s easier to embrace a movement to the cloud. It’s important to choose a partner that has technical competency, past experience and a proven user-centric approach to ensure critical cloud adoption.

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Cloud Strategy

Many organizations are still struggling with how to build a strategy for migrating to the cloud.

It often involves a broader business strategy along with infrastructure optimization and transformation goals. One approach we take to help technologists get started is to assist them in reviewing and developing a set of cloud scenarios or potential use cases. These ideas can be shared with an executive management team to bring to life the opportunities and threats that the cloud and digital transformation presents.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

To help delineate where Azure can help set your infrastructure free, we offer a free one-day Cloud Readiness Assessment. Our team will get you started with a free trial of Azure and conduct a short Workshop around IaaS, PaaS, Baas, DRaaS, and StorSimple. We focus on building a hybrid solution that identified key workloads that can be easily migrated to the cloud.

(2) Cloud Readiness Assessment

(3) Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS)

Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS)

Technology simplification is critical for successful cloud adoption.

FlexManage can support all of your IT infrastructure needs from cloud migrations, hybrid cloud deployments, systems management and data center optimization. Leveraging our partnership with Microsoft, we have strong expertise with Microsoft technologies including Azure, Hyper-V, System Center, Windows Server, SQL, Active Directory, SharePoint and Exchange.

Cloud Hosted Solutions (SaaS)

Connect your team with great communication tools.

FlexManage can support your organization’s need to provide anytime, anywhere, on-demand access to core business applications through the use of Software As a Service (SaaS). This type of solution helps increase user productivity, application availability and streamlines the way organizations support their mobile workforce. FlexManage is well versed at envisioning, planning, development, implementation, change management associates with migrating to Microsoft’s SaaS solutions.

(5) Cloud Management Platform

Cloud Management Platform

The cloud provides many customers an opportunity to modernize their datacenters and reinvent IT.

Microsoft is helping to simplify the management challenges of today’s hybrid environments and shepherd in an era of tooling for new IT. With the Operations Management Suite (OMS), customers can extend their existing System Center deployments through cloud services for analytics to ease troubleshooting, backup and disaster recovery to protect their datacenter, automation for minimizing repetitive tasks, and rapid response to security events.

Business Continuity

Let us help you develop an effective disaster recovery and business continuity plan to minimize the impact of a crisis.

We help businesses maintain revenue and profitability during adverse situations with a proper business continuity and disaster recovery plan. We understand that an effective plan is all about risk management; and when a crisis occurs, technology is only part of the solution. Companies must also have disaster recovery plans and business continuity solutions in place that include a solid plan to locate people, handle communications, manage money, protect facilities, and ensure security.

FlexManage is unique in our ability to help clients build a complete business continuity contingency plan. From assessments to planning and technology implementation, we can help your organization no matter where you are in the BC/DR development cycle.

(6) Business Continuity

(7) Backup & Recovery (DRaaS)

Backup & Recovery (DRaaS)

In the event of a disaster, the ability to restore IT operations is imperative.

In a time of continuing cost pressures and increased demand for IT capabilities, the opportunity to extend a DR strategy into the public cloud is compelling. Disaster Recovery in the Cloud offers the promise of reduced management and complexity, seamless and scalable solutions allow organizations to grow and better align resources to high-value activities.