TECHREPORT 2019: Firm Culture

Findings from the first “Life and Practice” volume of the ABA's Technology Report provide insight into law firm culture. Most lawyers still work in traditional office space for firms that allow flexible working hours. Permanent desks are the norm and open floor plans are uncommon. The iPhone is the smart phone of choice for nearly [...]

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TECHREPORT 2019: Cybersecurity

The ABA's Legal Technology Survey Report interviews private practice attorneys about their use of technology. Cybersecurity is highly important to those in the profession based on lawyers’ duties of competency, communication, and confidentiality. In the 2019 survey, 26% of respondents reported that their firm had suffered a security breach, and another 19% weren't sure. [...]

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The need for Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup for Office 365

It would appear that Microsoft 365 users are suffering from a bit of a delusion. In fact data strongly suggests that nearly half of such users are confident that Microsoft 365 requires no additional backup. This is not so. It may be that this situation arises due to some users failing to distinguish accurately [...]

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