Top 4 reasons to consider SharePoint customization

Because SharePoint has so many capabilities that allow us to get a solution up and running very quickly, SharePoint customization is not something many businesses consider right away. With site templates, list templates, and native content types, it’s very easy to get a site going and have users collaborate on documents, entering lists, filling out forms, [...]

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Microsoft SharePoint, PowerApps, and Flow – the perfect marriage of technology

Microsoft made quite a buzz in 2016 by announcing true integration between their stalwart SharePoint platform and two of the newest offerings in their O365 space, PowerApps and Microsoft Flow. If this integration announcement has flown under your radar, it might be time to take a hard look at how Microsoft has improved your organization’s [...]

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Using SharePoint Lists to improve productivity

One of the greatest things about SharePoint is that it possesses native capabilities that you can use to begin formalizing your business process so that your organization is running efficiently and effectively. Many organizations have used SharePoint for a variety purposes, but many of them started by using SharePoint as a place to share and [...]

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Legal document management: why does Matter Center matter?

Law practices, like most organizations, are constantly looking for more and better ways to be productive. Technology is usually helpful in this endeavor, and the right technology can be even more helpful. That is where Microsoft’s Matter Center for Office 365 (Matter Center) comes in. Matter Center can greatly enhance a law practice’s Document Management [...]

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Help your end-users win the SharePoint Search lottery!

Everybody loves the idea of winning a lottery. For a very small investment, you reap huge benefits, get to retire, and live out the rest of your days on some exotic island somewhere. Back here in reality, we have systems to maintain, and end users that need information. They need to find what they want, [...]

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Find your way with a SharePoint Envisioning Workshop

Have you ever sat at your desk wondering how you are going to make your SharePoint environment truly exceptional for your end users? Have you ever started a SharePoint project only to see it get bogged down in the weeds? Do you have an idea of what SharePoint nirvana looks like for your organization, but [...]

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SharePoint Migrations: Moving in, out, over, up or… up, up and away?

So, it’s that time. You’ve been tasked to move your SharePoint sites, no wait, site collections – all of them. Don’t forget to make sure nothing breaks, no surprises and with minimal down time. After all it’s just like copy a few files, right? If you’ve never been through a SharePoint migration or upgrade, this [...]

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