Experience the Microsoft Cloud at MTC!

Technology initiatives can transform your business, but they can also stall or end in disaster. How can you ensure your technology investments payoff by creating new businesses, enabling your employees to be more productive or open new channels to engage with your customers? From late October to early December at the Microsoft Technology Center, get [...]

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You’re Invited: Extend Your Data Center to the Cloud While Boosting Security and Performance

Join Microsoft, FlexManage and Level 3 for a 1/2 day seminar to learn about Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute. Hybrid cloud is trending, and for good reason. It allows organizations to use components of their legacy private cloud infrastructure, with the scalability and elasticity of the public cloud. But it only works if they have a fast, [...]

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DevTest in the Cloud Part 4 – How on-demand environments can take a 15-month SDLC down to 9 months

In Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, I walked you through some typical waste in many companies SDLC and environments have up to 6 months of waste built into them: Using Azure and Azure Site Recovery, on demand environments could be created from Production, delivering environments with up-to-date data exactly when they are needed: [...]

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DevTest in the Cloud Part 3 – Deeper dive into how environments slow down your SDLC

In my last blog post, I showed that sharing environments with old, stale data is causing huge waste in your SDLC. Here, I am sharing with you how to use Azure and Azure Site Recovery to quickly replicate environments to solve these problems. Azure Site Recovery is a Microsoft solution that can: 1. Replicate a [...]

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DevTest in the Cloud Part 2 – Deeper dive into how environments slow down your SDLC

In my last blog posting, I showed a typical Enterprise Project lifecycle that took 12 months to do Dev/Test/UAT/Deployment, plus 3 months of Post Deployment Support that consumed Dev and Operations. In our waste walks, we learned that there was a good 6 months of time that could be reduced if rock solid environments could [...]

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DevTest in the Cloud Part 1 – Are environmental issues slowing down your SDLC?

If you have been listening to all of the cloud proponents lately, they talk a lot about DevTest in the cloud. For many enterprises, this sounds like something very foreign. For years, they have been running successful projects – some of them true Enterprise Programs – using their in-house environments successfully. Or at least they [...]

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Operations Management Suite – Simplified IT management for any enterprise

Gain control over any hybrid cloud. Manage and protect Azure or AWS, Windows Server or Linux, VMware or OpenStack with our cost-effective, all-in-one cloud IT management solution: Operations Management Suite (OMS) Gain better control over your hybrid cloud Orchestrate complex and repetitive operations Help secure your workloads, servers, and users Gain visibility across your hybrid [...]

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