About Ron Padzensky

Ron heads up the FlexManage Business Intelligence practice and has over 19 years of experience in the trade. He is responsible for driving transformation of the group to meet the ever changing demands of the marketplace. He is accomplished at architecting business intelligence environments, data modeling, establishing best practices and managing operations. He has an expertise in delivering an array of BI solutions specific to the unique requirements of a variety of business models. Ron is also an experienced leader with proven ability to structure technical teams, achieve milestones, manage resources and budgets, and mitigate risks throughout the project lifecycle.

How and why you should use the Partner Showcase button in Power BI

Have you ever wondered what the Partner Showcase button is all about which is now featured on the Home ribbon of Power BI Desktop? Clicking on this takes you to a page where certified Power BI partners from all over the world have posted solutions that highlight their expertise in various industries, technologies or systems. [...]

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6 ways data analytics will help you drive business & uncover valuable insights

Employing a strategic data analytics plan within your business can lead to the uncovering of valuable insights you never knew you had - at your fingertips. Using proven business intelligence (BI) best-practices and methodologies, FlexManage wants to help you implement solutions that leverage your organization’s data to gain key insights about your business. 6 Data Analytics [...]

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