About Pete Petersen

Pete Petersen is an accomplished Enterprise Solution Architect and Hosting/Shared Services Design Engineer and Manager, specializing in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technologies and virtual applications, including firewall, wireless, storage, network, servers, operating systems, and end-to-end solutions. A leader of assessment, architecture, design, and engineering efforts that produce highly-available, highly-secure, and scalable environments in a cost-competitive strategy that delivers quick time-to-market results. Pete has a proven history of starting grass-roots efforts and turning them into enterprise-class, market-shaping services. He has a strong passion for enhancing the end-user experience with a legacy of happy users.

Citrix Analytics Services: Artificial Intelligence means data

There were several announcements at the opening Vision Keynote address today at Citrix Synergy 2017, including: Citrix Workspace Service - "The future of StoreFront" XenApp 7.14 - "Time to get off of XenApp 6.5" Citrix Analytics Services - "AI Means Data" Citrix Security Practice - "Team of Citrix Security Experts" Of all of those, it feels like [...]

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