About Lee Hovermale

Lee Hovermale is the CEO of FlexManage and was formerly Executive Vice President of South Central Area until September 30, 2015. Lee served as Regional Director and Managing Director at FlexManage before becoming CEO. In 1995, Lee co-founded Enhanced Systems and Solutions (ESS), a leading integration firm serving the legal industry. He was a member of the ESS Board of Directors. Prior to co-founding ESS, Lee specialized in law firm integration while employed with LAN Systems in Washington, D.C.

Lee’s expertise in the areas of security, professional project management, computer technology, product knowledge and Disaster Recovery and Business Continuance consulting has earned him the reputation as a leader in the Information Technology industry.

The difference between a Business Impact Analysis and a Disaster Recovery Plan (and why you need both)

When a business begins their journey to plan for potential major disruptions (such as a fire or system crash) or natural disasters (such as a hurricane or flood), they often hear a lot of buzz around two different terms – A Business Impact Analysis and a Disaster Recovery Plan. If you’re not sure what the [...]

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