FlexManage is here to guide your business units through the deployment and adoption of new technologies to keep your workforce productive.

We understand your struggles.

In the process of any deployment and adoption, FlexManage understands client pain points.

  • Difficulty ensuring your business applications or new technologies are built and deployed right the first time
  • Struggling to customize out-of-the-box technology to fit your company’s specific needs (and finding a partner who will take the time to understand those needs)
  • Implementation of proper securities and compliance
  • Getting your business units and IT on the same page – ready (and excited) to use the new technology

And we have the solutions.

Because we’ve built and managed thousands of deployments with millions of end users, we know what you need to be successful:

  • A partner who takes the time to understand your business
  • A communications plan to maintain alignment of all key stakeholders
  • A fortified strategy to implement and maintain the technology
  • A supporting strategy to drive user adoption and employee buy-in
  • The opportunity for a Proof of Concept or Pilot Program
  • A team of experts who you can trust and rely on for 24-hour support

Technologies we deploy

When moving our clients from a disjointed and cumbersome status quo, FlexManage has proven success driving meaningful end user adoption of new technologies including (but not limited to) Office 365, Microsoft Teams, and Windows 10.

Undertaking a technology deployment is no small task, but having a proven plan in place will help to ensure a smooth execution and quickly get your team up and running on the new system. Once the system is live, you will inevitably notice improved efficiency and productivity of your staff, reduced costs through improved service, and optimized business processes.

Here’s how FlexManage approaches deployment and adoption…

The ADOPT Approach

At FlexManage, we embrace technology deployment best practices to ensure successful initiatives. These are the steps we take to help our clients achieve success in any deployment and adoption scenario:

Understand business processes

We will take the time to carefully understand and analyze your business processes and IT infrastructure in order to get a clearer picture of key resources, user activities, integration points, or potential roadblocks within your system. We conduct thorough onsite envisioning sessions in order to establish a strategic vision and design an integration solution.

Involve key stakeholders

We will identify all key stakeholders and technology champions, implement a regular cadence of communication, and ensure that everyone involved understands their responsibilities during the lifecycle of the project. Securing support from the management team is imperative to not only maintain a smooth process, but to guarantee that all expectations are met.

Build a Deployment Plan

We will take care to design a project plan to implement the new technology into your infrastructure and migrate your users onto the platform. We follow best practices to ensure your system is set up for change controls, data management, and future upgrades. In the process, we also create a detailed governance plan for your new technology.

Generate support & adoption

The FlexManage ADOPT Team will craft a Communications Plan to notify your users and any impacted parties of upcoming changes, a Training Plan to ensure that all parties understand how to utilize the technology, and a User Adoption Plan to encourage users to regularly utilize the new technology and generate employee buy-in.

Test, launch, analyze, adjust

Before releasing into a live environment, the ADOPT Team will test all aspects of the technology in a sandbox environment and resolve any issues before official launch. We will also regularly test your systems during and for some time after launch in order to maintain healthy operations and quickly address any unforeseen issues that may arise.

Steady-state planning

Once your technology is implemented, we won’t leave you to fend for yourself: the FlexManage ADOPT Team is your support system and partner for Day 1 support, as well as maintenance and ongoing optimizations throughout the product lifecycle. We can also ensure that your internal team has the training to manage your technology day-to-day, or our Network Operations Center (NOC) services can provide monitoring, enhancements, and break-fix solutions.

Want to learn more about the FlexManage ADOPT Team? Please reach out to us – we’d love to speak with you! And be sure to ask about our Proof of Concept or a Pilot Program.