COVID-19 is going to affect every business and every person and it will have a long-term impact. We want you to know that FlexManage is here to help. When it comes to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we consider our FlexManage team to be first responders in helping businesses mitigate the risk the virus presents.

For FlexManage, we are in unique position to help you through:

  • Better education on the productivity tools you’re already using, like Microsoft Teams.
  • Implementation of the collaboration tools you may not have have, such as a proposed, but not yet implemented, migration to Microsoft Office.
  • Shifting in-office servers and line-of-business applications on desktops or phone systems to the cloud.
  • Helping clients identify costs-savings in internet connections, line-of-business applications or processes.
  • Implementing company intranets to help clients communicate better with remote workers.
  • Improve training capabilities to compensate for a lack of in-house help.
  • In severe cases or as augmentation, helping clients deal with staff reductions in a secure and orderly way.

Changes that would have occurred more slowly will now happen at a much faster pace:

  • For the “work from anywhere” capability that was previously considered a luxury, many businesses will now see as a necessity.
  • Long-term employee mobility will now become a mandatory part of any disaster recovery and continuity planning.
  • Onsite systems will be viewed as potential liabilities rather than optional ways of delivering services.
  • Adoption of software and systems that reduce labor costs or promote efficiency.
  • Initiatives to turn in-person meetings and conferences into virtual events. Conduct client meetings over Teams rather than onsite.
  • Cloud-based security and security monitoring to protect workers outside of secured site environments.
  • Virtual desktops to reduce dependency or BYOD home desktops or laptops.

FlexManage wants to offer our business impact assessments to help identify the IT needs created by this threat.

We are your ally in this crisis and have a proactive plan to help you defend against this serious threat so you emerge stronger, leaner and more agile afterwards. As a Managed and Professional Services organization, we have weathered many storms over the last 22 years. We want you to know we are well prepared.

With any questions, concerns or planning you’d like to put in place, please contact Manuel Calderon at or at 817-404-2475.


– The FlexManage Team