COVID-19 has impacted the lives of people around the world and many of our customers have recently approached us about ways to help their organizations mitigate risk and keep their employees healthy. As IT experts, it’s our responsibility to openly share ways that technology can help you stay safe and put your people first. Here are a few actions you can take immediately:

Encourage remote work

Now is the time to share internal communications that encourages employees to work from home more frequently. If you are currently not utilizing Teams, Microsoft has recently released a free 6-month Office 365 E1 Trial (including Microsoft Teams). This special E1 Trial license is available in response to the increased need for employees to work from home (WFH) due to the coronavirus outbreak. The fact is that your employees are likely feeling worried or scared: supporting increased WFH will be extremely reassuring for company morale.

Evaluate your business continuity and disaster recovery plan

Ensure that your mission-critical IT systems are protected. Are you discussing how to keep the business afloat and functional with little to no travel? Are you prepared to support your customer and delivery of your premier service if a travel ban is put in place? Due to the increasing risk of business disruption, we advise immediate proactive planning. Our team is ready and able to continue supporting you in the unfortunate advent that the situation worsens.

Keep communicating

During times of crisis, the most important thing companies can do is communicate frequently, openly and honestly with their people. Whether through email, internal messaging platforms, or regular video all-hands meetings, keep having those honest conversations, sharing resources for health and safety during COVID-19, and releasing information around business and employee impact.

With any question or concerns (IT related or otherwise), please reach out to Manuel Calderon at or 817.404.2475 if you need any assistance from us. We are here for you.


– The FlexManage Team