Findings from the first “Life and Practice” volume of the ABA’s Technology Report provide insight into law firm culture. Most lawyers still work in traditional office space for firms that allow flexible working hours. Permanent desks are the norm and open floor plans are uncommon. The iPhone is the smart phone of choice for nearly 80% of lawyers. In terms of benefits, large firms are more generous than small ones in offering paid maternity leave, but paid paternity leave is a rarity. Around half of lawyers say they make time for themselves, but one in ten claim they never stop working. A majority believes technology has improved their work-life balance.

Key Takeaways:

  • A survey of lawyers found that the majority of them work out of a traditional office space.
  • Most lawyers still use a traditional type of office space and have not adopted newer innovations like an open floor plan.
  • The vast majority of lawyers prefer to use an iPhone over other brands of smart phone devices.

“As in most things, there is a large and continuing gap between what the larger firms offer in terms of amenities, cyber protection, and training and what smaller firms offer.”

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