It would appear that Microsoft 365 users are suffering from a bit of a delusion. In fact data strongly suggests that nearly half of such users are confident that Microsoft 365 requires no additional backup. This is not so. It may be that this situation arises due to some users failing to distinguish accurately between data protection and the archiving of internet mail. It may also arise from a belief that Microsoft’s “Software as a Service” affords them all the protection they might need. Microsoft 365 does have email archiving, which ensures that communications are retrievable, although the price can be somewhat high for this service. This feature, however, does not provide the user with a quick and easy way to get back a whole mail box from a specific time, which can be useful in an array of different situations. For this reason it is very wise, if you use Microsoft 365, to include integrated Cloud-to-Cloud Backup from Barracuda. Barracuda will restore your entire mail box and your individual communications, specific to your date and time needs, efficiently and quickly.

Key Takeaways:

  • Archiving emails is not a substitute for backing them up because it doesn’t allow restoration to a single point in time.
  • GDPR regulations make you, not Microsoft, responsible for protecting Office 365 data.
  • Barracuda Cloud-to-Cloud Backup is capable of restoring your either entire mailbox or individual emails and contacts to any recovery point.

“Microsoft can provide email archiving for Office 365, but it may not be the best service in terms of features and functionality, or the most cost effective in terms of value for money.”

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