CHICAGO, April 4, 2018 – FlexManage, the leader in IT managed services, today announced that ACCIONA Energy USA Global LLC (AEUG) has signed a multi-year managed services contract with FlexManage to support its IT infrastructure for its operations in the U.S. and Canada. AEUG is part of the ACCIONA group, a leader in the development and management of infrastructure, renewable energy, water and services across the world.

FlexManage will be responsible for monitoring and managing AEUG’s overall IT infrastructure, providing a dedicated 24×7 help desk, as well as assisting with IT projects.

“FlexManage is proud to be partnering with ACCIONA for IT managed services,” said Daniel Gold, vice president of managed services at FlexManage. “ACCIONA’s personal commitments to others, to its company and to the environment align incredibly with FlexManage’s commitment to empower every customer to be more successful as a result of our IT expertise. We believe in creating not just satisfied clients, but rather having ‘Raving Fans.’ There is a very high level of cultural synergy between ACCIONA and FlexManage, which makes this partnership incredibly exciting!”


ACCIONA is a leader in providing sustainable solutions for infrastructure and renewable energy projects across the world. Listed on the selective Ibex-35 stock exchange index. With a presence in more than 40 countries, the Group develops its business activities based on the desire to contribute to economic and social development in the communities in which it operates.

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