Friends, family, neighbors, colleagues and customers affected by the devastation of Hurricane Harvey – our hearts go out to you and we stand behind you during this very difficult time. We are committed to serving not only our clients, but the entire community, no matter how large the crisis may seem. We will fight beside you and do anything and everything we can to ensure your safety.

To this end, we want to update you on:

  • The status of our team’s safety
  • What we are doing to ensure you and your loved ones are safe and supported
  • What we are also doing to ensure the protection of your businesses once you are ready
  • And finally, what you can do to help support the victims of this natural disaster

Our team is safe.

With regard to our team members who currently live and work in the Houston area – everyone is safe. A few have been displaced from their homes and taken to temporary shelters. Others have taken in friends and family that have been displaced. But the good news is that they are out of harm’s way and we are so thankful for that. We will continue to check in daily with our team members in Houston and be sure that we are doing everything we can to make sure they’re taken care of and have everything they need.

Our team’s Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Plan

Our team is actively involved in helping disaster victims in any way possible. In fact, many of them are in Houston right now, assisting with home evacuation and caring for people in shelters. We are so proud of our team’s involvement and we want to make sure that every FlexManage employee has the same chance to give back in their own way.

Therefore, our leadership team set a goal to raise $5,000 and FlexManage employees are diving in to donate relief funds.

All funds that FlexManage raises will be donated to the J.J. Watt Foundation Houston Flood Relief Fund. We’ve chosen this organization because of Watt’s tireless dedication to the people in Houston. Watt set a goal to raise only $200,000, but he’s already blown past that and hit over $10 million. According to an article released today from, the three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year “has emphasized that he will ensure the money will go directly to the victims of the historic storm.”

Click “Donate Now” to join our movement and support the J.J. Watt Houston Flood Relief Fund.

Customers – whatever you need, we are here for you.

Hurricane Harvey Free Disaster Recovery AssessmentOur primary concern is for your safety and the well-being of those you care about. But when you are ready to reach out to us, we want to also be there to help you protect your business.

We are offering a FREE DISASTER RECOVERY ASSESSMENT for all of our clients who (A) either currently have a disaster recovery protocol/backup plan in place and want to make sure it’s standing strong or (B) don’t have a plan and need help ensuring all is running well. We will assist you in gauging how your systems are running and help you take action if things need to be repaired or fortified. Plus, there is no obligation of ongoing work. We simply want to help you.

Even if you’re not a current customer of ours, please reach out to us if you’re worried about the health of your operations. We would be happy to see if there is some way we can help you protect your infrastructure and keep your business running.

Click the button below to contact us and provide us with a brief summary of your needs, any difficulties you’re experiencing, and provide us with your contact information. We will reach out to you immediately.

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What can you do to help?

In addition to supporting the J.J. Watt Foundation Houston Flood Relief Fund, here are additional ways you can support Harvey victims.

If you do not live in Texas, but would like to provide aid:

If you do live in Texas and want to be more actively involved:

  • The City of Houston is accepting donations at and they also provide a great deal of information about how you can volunteer and where you can drop off supplies.
  • H-E-B (“Here Everything’s Better”) grocery store company is one of the largest grocery store chains in Texas and they are working tirelessly to provide food relief to Harvey victims. Visit their website to donate to their Disaster Relief effort.
  • To donate blood, you can visit the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center. They are currently reporting a shortage, so they have extended their hours at all San Antonio-area donor rooms. Call 210-731-5590 to donate or visit their website.
  • You can also visit Carter Blood Care, which covers North, Central and East Texas hospitals. Call 877-571-1000 or text DONATE4LIFE to 444-999.

When choosing where and how to donate, be sure you choose legitimate organizations. Read this article by the New York Times, “Where to Donate to Harvey Victims (and How to Avoid Scams),” to learn about many more groups who are offering support and how to choose.

Lastly, be sure that you’re following FlexManage on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter for updates on the status of our Houston team members and our company’s Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Plus, during this time, we will constantly be sharing news on how you can continue to support Harvey victims.

We are all in this together, we are stronger when we are united, and we will not turn our backs on you in times of need, such as these.