FlexManage is honored to be named as one of 2017’s Top 200 Microsoft Solution Providers. We strive to empower every person in each organization we serve with the ability to be more productive, achieve more, and succeed more with our help. This achievement signifies our commitment to our customers through this mission.


Republished from Redmond Channel Partner

It takes a special set of skills and attitudes to be a great Microsoft solution provider. In this second-annual listing, Redmond Channel Partner magazine presents 200 of the best in the United States.

The RCP 200 list provides a simple answer to a complicated question: Who are the best Microsoft solution provider partners in the United States?

Solution providers come in many shapes and sizes, and Microsoft partners more than any other vendor’s partner community defy easy categorization. Microsoft has a product list running into the hundreds of products, and the company has tens of thousands of partners in the United States alone.

The genius of the Microsoft Partner Network is that it relies on the variety, creativity and business acumen of Microsoft’s channel to offer solutions to every customer’s unique requirements from the raw material of Microsoft’s product set.

That very variety and scope can make it difficult for customers to know where to start if they’re looking for great partners. Microsoft offers online search tools to help customers locate partners, but they tell customers relatively little about the quality of the partners in the results list.

In this second-annual RCP 200, Redmond Channel Partner magazine brings into one place a collection of Microsoft’s rock star partners (you can also find all 200 of them on Twitter here). To compile the 2017 RCP 200, we relied on 12 years experience as an independent magazine focused on the Microsoft channel community. We dug through the magazine’s archives, Microsoft award lists, invitation-only Microsoft partner programs and other sources to find 200 U.S.-based companies with a reputation for providing sterling services.

We’re going for quality, not quantity, so this is not simply a list of the 200 biggest Microsoft partners in the United States.

Some of these partners are relatively small businesses with deep technology expertise or great access to Microsoft product or sales teams. Others are huge companies with broad technology offerings, but that still display a strong commitment to building Microsoft expertise and offering excellent Microsoft technology-based solutions.

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