Last week, the FlexManage team had the privilege of attending Microsoft Inspire 2017, an annual conference held by Microsoft Corporation for its partner community. Listening to Satya Nadella‘s keynote address opening the conference on Monday, July 10, I couldn’t help but be inspired by what the company’s mission statement is: “Empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more”. It’s simple. To the point. And authentic.

In listening to his mission statement at Microsoft Inspire 2017, I couldn’t help but think that as a leader here at FlexManage, our mission statement is not too terribly different – we are looking to empower every person in each organization we serve with the ability to do more, be more, succeed more, and be more productive.

Knowing that we can impact the lives of others with our expertise is what inspires me each and every day.


There has never been a more exciting time to be part of the FlexManage family – both as a customer champion and as a customer. We are fueling a new breed of innovation, creating new solutions that help specific verticals (such as legal). We’re driving key initiatives that will create bespoke solutions, create better outcomes that are all focused on creating a digital transformation for all of our customers. And we’re bringing in talent that will execute on these visions to optimize our own internal operations as well as our clients.’


The way we will get there is not just through the traditional and trusted MSP models, such as managed end user support, infrastructure and applications, and managed personnel.

The way we get there is through digital transformation.

And the great part is that this phrase “digital transformation” isn’t just a marketing phrase that Microsoft made up. It’s a real and amazing way to integrate the Microsoft stack of products and to customize what that looks like in order to help YOU, our customers, achieve your most important business objectives. By understanding what those drivers are, we work together to streamline workflows and increase efficiencies.

Developing products and services mapped around specific goals is in fact the very definition of a digital transformation.


Ultimately, the best and most inspiring part of FlexManage is that we share the same vision with our clients across multiple verticals. Our client’s goals are our goals. Their mission statement is our mission statement. We grow when they grow. If our customers solve their mission critical goals, then we are successful. Through our partnership with our customers, we will achieve great things together.


While the Microsoft mission statement applies to a global scale, at FlexManage, we are doing our part today to create impactful change for each of our customers. That is our goal – our “why” statement. And that is nothing short of inspiring!


Visit the Microsoft Inspire 2017 main site to see the latest news or view photos from this year’s conference.


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