Power BI ShowcaseHave you ever wondered what the Partner Showcase button is all about which is now featured on the Home ribbon of Power BI Desktop? Clicking on this takes you to a page where certified Power BI partners from all over the world have posted solutions that highlight their expertise in various industries, technologies or systems. The showcase was added in November and now features scores of contributions searchable by country, industry and department.

Navigate to a solution page to view a description, interact with an actual embedded version of the report, read a write-up of the value proposition and learn more about the solution provider and their service offerings. The solution page also features a demo video. From here you can request a partner-driven demo or contact the partner directly.

Finding the right partner on the Partner Showcase

The Partner Showcase is a great way for businesses to find the right partners. Use the tool to find partners with the domain knowledge and experience you need to truly leverage Power BI. Here are some examples of great offerings that can be found on the Partner Showcase:

  • Menlo Technologies offers Twitter analytics useful for Marketing and Sales teams based on geolocation and time period.
  • Nuevora offers marketing mix modeling that creates prescriptive scenarios for optimized future marketing spend.
  • POP offers sports science analytics though a visual dashboard that explores team and athlete trends around work performed during practice and games as well as health/wellness.
  • Wipro provides a prediction model for retail banking to identify the customers likely to churn to help retain valuable customers and to arrive at a targeting strategy to generate better ROI.
  • Cleverspeck’s Radius enables fleet managers to make real time and long term strategic decisions about their vehicles.

Menlo Partner Showcase

Coming soon – FlexManage on the Partner Showcase

Very soon, FlexManage will be “flexing” our muscles on the Partner Showcase. We’ll feature our own work in the area of law practice operations management. FlexManage has a strong tradition of serving the legal industry. We provide managed services, IT strategy and planning, device management, collaboration, infrastructure, deployment services, and, of course, business intelligence. The BI practice will be incorporating this deep knowledge into innovative Power BI solutions offered on the Partner Showcase. Keep an eye out for these offerings to be debuting in Q3 of 2017. We are very excited to bring this to the world.

FlexManage is right for you

While our team has endless experience in the legal industry, we are by no means a legal-only shop. Why is FlexManage the right fit for you? Because we provide data warehouse modernization and advanced analytics in addition to our Power BI services to scores of organizations across many different industries. Give us a call to discuss how we can serve your business intelligence needs.