Have you ever sat at your desk wondering how you are going to make your SharePoint environment truly exceptional for your end users? Have you ever started a SharePoint project only to see it get bogged down in the weeds? Do you have an idea of what SharePoint nirvana looks like for your organization, but are unsure of the steps that need to be taken to get there?

What is needed in all three situations mentioned above? Good directions; good navigation; and a very good guide that has been there before, and knows how to get where you want to go.

We can help with all your SharePoint concerns

With our SharePoint Envisioning Workshop offering, we can help clear the clutter and provide a straight path to the envisioned end-state that you have for your SharePoint platform. Our offering is custom-tailored to address the needs for your specific concerns. FlexManage has conducted envisioning workshops to help clients craft a new SharePoint environment; improve on an existing SharePoint environment; SharePoint migration efforts; implementation of a new Intranet portal solution. We’ve even used this service offering to help a client get a ‘Knowledge Center’ solution back on track when it was in need of some direction.

FlexManage’s  SharePoint Envisioning Workshop offering provides the following benefits:

(1) Clarify your immediate needs and long-term goals

You can’t get to where you want to be without knowing what it should look like when you get there. This is where gathering business requirements becomes so important. We work with business owners, key stakeholders, decision makers, and IT to make sure we all have a clear understanding of what the future looks like.

(2) Understand the technical possibilities and the associated implications

FlexManage then can use our vast experience in the SharePoint space to recommend various options that will satisfy the business requirements for the proposed solution. Again, this is a very collaborative process with the client to make sure that the proposed solution is a good fit for the overall technology landscape within the organization.

(3) Gain assurance that your implementation will be effective in the long run

Governance. The dreaded ‘G’ word. We’re sure you’ve heard it a million times: Governance is key to SharePoint success. Well, you’re going to hear it again. The good news is that the final version of ‘Governance’ can be very different from one organization to another. FlexManage will develop a governance program that is customized for your organization so you can be clear about the things you want to manage and how your users can harness the many capabilities of SharePoint to foster innovation.

Implementation Roadmap

By the time we wrap up the ‘SharePoint Envisioning Workshops’ for your organization, FlexManage provides an ‘Implementation Roadmap’ that clearly details the costs, time associated, steps, participation needs, and everything else to ensure a smooth ride and arrival to the correct final destination in your SharePoint journey.

Let us help you today

If this is something that can help you navigate to your SharePoint destination, give us a call at 877-752-0451. We’d love to help. And if you’d like more information and detail about our SharePoint Envisioning Workshop, click the icon below to download our full program overview.

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