As a Microsoft Gold Partner and a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, we were honored to be exclusively invited to participate in the EMS Elite Partner Program. What does this mean for our business and for our clients?

A little backstory…

I have been an IT Consultant for over 14 years now and have been working with the Microsoft Partner Program for about 9 years. And early on in my career, I began to understand how a Microsoft partnership can be invaluable for a company. Because of the vast resources and opportunities that this relationship offers, I specifically sought out a company that also understood this value. When I joined FlexManage, that’s when I realized that there were even greater levels of the Microsoft Partner Program that I could be involved with.

About the EMS Elite Partner Program

Fast forward to a year and a half into my career at FlexManage and I was off to the holy land – Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, WA for the EMS Elite Partner Program this past week. I have never had the opportunity to visit Redmond, even after working with Microsoft for over 9 years. So you could say that I was excited.

The EMS Elite Partner Program is a collection of only 45 handpicked Microsoft partners from around the world. FlexManage was invited along with eight other partners to attend an Intune Microsoft Customer Experience Event. This was the first time Microsoft was inviting partners to the event.

Our future with Enterprise Mobility + Security

The EMS Elite Partner Program allows us to interface directly with the Microsoft product teams and engineers. We get insight into product roadmaps and we receive direct feedback from our clients in order to constantly improve products like Microsoft Intune. Throughout the week, I was able to meet product managers, engineers, developers, and executives. Microsoft is also able to work closely with clients that are willing to adopt technologies like EMS and Microsoft Intune. Each client was able to give unfiltered feedback on their experience with the products. Plus, I had the opportunity to help out when needed.

Our involvement in this program is invaluable. We are on the cutting-edge of Enterprise Mobility + Security and related technologies because of this program. Thus, I feel honored to be working directly with the Microsoft product teams and potentially influencing future updates and products.