FlexManage is proud to announce Daniel Gold as the new practice director for managed services.

Daniel Gold will be responsible for leading and growing the practice, as well as furthering the FlexManage mission for managed services – making “IT” easy and accessible so that clients can focus on their strategic business operations.

Daniel has 15 years of experience in the legal industry.

After receiving his J.D. from Syracuse University, he began his career as a judicial law clerk for a Superior Court Judge and went on to become a Plaintiff lawyer. When he realized that he could combine his passion for helping others with his passion for technology, he transitioned to the business and technology side of the legal practice. He has served in various leadership positions, including roles as a litigation software specialist, eDiscovery sales consultant, and as a director in eDiscovery managed services.

Before coming to FlexManage, Daniel was formerly with Epiq Systems, a leading global provider of integrated technology and services for legal professionals.

At Epiq, Daniel’s knowledge of both the practice and the business of law and managed services were the key ingredients to the innovations that drove Iris Data Services (acquired by Epiq) to become the leader in eDiscovery managed services.

“What excites me about coming to FlexManage is the opportunity to bring my fierce passion for the managed services model and outstanding client satisfaction to our existing and prospective clients,” says Daniel. “Together, we will build upon the successes we already have as a team and execute new ideas that will propel us into the marketplace.”

“Daniel’s vast knowledge, his ability to answer questions truthfully, and respond quickly when he identifies risks or inefficiencies will make him an asset to this team,” says Lee Hovermale, chief executive officer at FlexManage. “The energy and drive that he brings with him is contagious. And I also respect his ability to be able to plainly call out what will work and what can be improved. So we’re really excited to have him here to help us shape the future of FlexManage.”

If you would like to contact Daniel Gold, you can reach him at (312) 448-2266 or dgold@flexmanage.com.

Media Contact: Megan Samples, msamples@flexmanage.com

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