Learn how to get the most out of your data by utilizing the latest features of SQL Server 2016 and Microsoft Azure. As of April 2016, extended support for SQL Server 2005 ended. Therefore, companies running this version are no longer able to receive security updates or hotfixes from Microsoft. If you haven’t migrated your databases to the newest version, there’s no time to waste. FlexManage can assist you with assessing your existing database environment and determining an effective way to transition your critical business applications to the most recent versions of SQL Server.

Top New Features of SQL Server 2016

  • Reduce amount of time it takes to run and render SRSS reports with Columnstore Indexes
  • Provide a more reliable and standardized method to control which users can access data using Row-Level Security
  • Limit exposure of sensitive data using Dynamic Data Masking
  • Get better insight into the performance differences caused by changes in query plans using Query Store
  • Improve performance for frequently used data while preserving access to archived data using SQL Stretch Database

Our Services

  • Meet with stakeholders to identify business and IT goals for SQL Server
  • Health Assessment of current SQL Server instances
  • Comparison of SQL Server 2016 and Azure
  • Guidance for upgrading to SQL Server 2016 and recommendation of new features
  • Identifying potential problems with migration (such as discontinued features)
  • Presentation of findings and recommendations

Add-On Services

  • Perform prescribed SQL server upgrades or migrations
  • Upgrade or implement prescribed Business Intelligence services
  • Migrating SQL Server instances to 2016 or Azure
  • Upgrade the framework, logic, design, and maintenance of databases to utilize the enhanced capabilities of SQL Server 2016 and Azure
  • Performance optimization. Including query optimization, SQL configuration, memory and disk management, and index tuning.

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