What is a Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience (CIE)?

As Microsoft defines it, a Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) “is a powerful tool that allows customers to sell themselves on the value that a consolidated Microsoft platform could deliver for their business. Customers explore the technology themselves and facilitators encourage discussion that benefits the organization and their goals, which leads to deep conversations. The aim of the session is to help customers envision how what they are experiencing during the session can be applied to their daily life. We call those ‘AHA!’ moments.”

The beauty of a Customer Immersion Experience

Most professionals today are somewhere on the spectrum between busy, stressed, and totally overwhelmed. For many, computers are a major source of that suffering. Their bright screens glare expectantly, they bleep and flash urgent instructions, and they program us to check our email frantically. And, of course, computers are the conduit of work, work, and more work.

Some of this stress is caused by not using our technology to its fullest – not taking advantage of the tricks and tips of automation. But who has time to sit through training? Who can waste time that isn’t immediately applicable to their everyday work?

A Customer Immersion Experience can solve this by allowing participants to explore technology tools as the wondrous toys that they are.

The difference between a Customer Immersion Experience and traditional software training

The difference between traditional software training and a Customer Immersion Experience is like the difference between a tour guide and a zip-wire operator.

A tour guide knows precisely where you’re going, how to get there, what’s good to see along the way, and what side-routes to avoid. She keeps everyone moving in lockstep, avoiding pitfalls and detours and arriving clean and safe at the scheduled destination, our heads packed with information we didn’t have to hunt for ourselves.

In contrast, a zip-wire operator gives you a 5-minute safety talk – strap on the harness, buckle on a helmet – then clips you in and off you go, the wind in your face, the landscape rushing past, the wow’s and wahoo’s of amazement as the world rushes up and fills your senses.

Why work with FlexManage?

As a skilled Customer Immersion Experience facilitator, I provide relevant, realistic scenarios, an atmosphere of exploration, and plain curiosity, allowing users to embrace new tools and figure out how they can use them to perform their daily tasks more efficiently and enjoyably. The outcome isn’t a procedural, step-by-step understanding of how a software feature works. Instead, participants gain a holistic picture of how they can use the entire Microsoft ecosystem more smoothly. In the process, they discover more satisfaction – and even a couple of “WOW’s!”

To help your team get the most from your investment in Microsoft technology, sign up for a Customer Immersion Experience today!

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