Video Blog: How to use Power BI to sort your data, build reports & gain key insights

Taimur Baig, a senior BI architect at FlexManage, explains the intricacies of Power BI - Microsoft's suite of business analytics tools used to analyze data and share insights. Power BI dashboards provide a 360-degree view for business users with their most important metrics in one place, updated in real time, and available on all of [...]

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Talking to decision makers about the cloud: 1/10 ALA presentation recap

Ruth Halpern is a client strategy executive with FlexManage. For the past twenty years, Ruth has owned an independent training consulting company working with law firms and corporate legal departments. She designed and taught technology workshops on the full suite of legal software applications, as well as delivering soft skills workshops on effective communication, team-building, and [...]

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Internet of Things (IoT): Interfacing with the real-world

A lot of times, the thought of IoT (Internet of Things) can become easily overwhelming. Perhaps we say, “I want to be innovative,” but we don’t understand the true result of being innovative. For instance, Samsung just put a smart Fridge on the market with an LCD screen that interacts with your phone. They also [...]

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Video Blog: Overview & demo of Microsoft Azure AD Join & Workplace Join for Windows 10

Azure Active Directory (AD) Join and Azure Workplace Join are complimentary technologies that provide a solid foundation for device identity and access to both on-premises and cloud-hosted resources. In this video, Chris Clark - FlexManage Solution Architect - will give an overview of the key features and give us separate demonstrations of both Microsoft Azure [...]

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Video Blog: Demo of the new iManage Web Client

FlexManage Solution Architect Wayne Grizzle is an iManage expert. We are all familiar with the old Web Client, where users only have access to documents in the repository. Now, you're able to work on any device, anywhere, and with any data that you're trying to access. In this demo by Wayne, you'll see how easy it [...]

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