Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Microsoft offices and participating in training related to Cortana Intelligence Suite. When you think of Microsoft these days you think of one of the largest, if not the largest technology giant in town. I was somewhat intimidated walking into the Suite 200 of the Chicago offices, but what I found was actually quite the opposite of what their image portrays.

Previously, when I approached clients in regards to building solutions, I always tend to lean towards a solution I’m familiar with, something I’ve got baked in which I can immediately assure them will be a success. I would hesitate to reveal the specialty technologies that Microsoft had to offer with their new Cortana Intelligence/Azure suite.

However, times are changing, and businesses are changing. With this in mind, Microsoft has come up with a way to center your business around the intelligence. I’ve seen these new tools in action and have had the pleasure of applying them to several diverse scenarios, and let me tell you, we here at FlexManage are not intimidated, and we are no longer limited.

“Intelligence is the ability to acquire information, and apply it. So that’s exactly what I wanted to discuss”

Intelligence enables action – and so does Microsoft. With the latest developments supported by Cortana Intelligence and Azure Portal, they made it even more intuitive to adapt to these technologies and gain insightful benefits for your business almost immediately.

Predictive models – Not only does Microsoft now offer UI style machine learning technologies, but the drag and drop style in their state of the art learning tools manage to create an easy solution to almost all of the business needs, and it’s so simple, business analysts across the company can pick it up after it’s been implemented and find out exactly what these new sources of data tell about the business.

IoT and Automation – So Microsoft dove into the IoT world and established itself and proved it has the capabilities to make using and creating new sources of data easy, and dare I say, fun! Of course SQL Server fact tables can show many KPIs for your business to base its next action on, but what about the rest of your business, what about your employees?

Business today is so competitive that analytics are ingrained in their practices from the beginning. However, we are faced with a conundrum here and there, where the variety of data is very limited. Where else can your business benefit from pulling information and making it actionable? How about your employee health population? How about your machine’s audit tracking? Can these items be automated? Chances are with Azure and Cortana Intelligence they can…