San Francisco: On Nov. 10, 2016, the FBI talked to me about cyber-security. Fortunately, they weren’t knocking on my door to tell me that all my data has been hacked and my identity has been stolen.

I attended an ILTA presentation on Cyberthreat Trends, delivered by Supervisory Special Agent Elvis Chan, to a packed house of very frightened-looking people. The lawyers in the room looked particularly alarmed: According to Elvis, hackers prefer to break into a single law firm, with multiple Intellectual Property clients, than do the work of hacking into each start-up’s intellectual property one at a time.

Of course, Elvis touched on all the key security points of firewalls, two-factor authentication security, virus scans, etc. Everyone nodded complacently as he reviewed what all law firms are already doing.

But, he said, there’s one weak point in every system that can’t be controlled by technology: The people who use it. And hackers know this: They have lists of commonly used passwords, they have ways to hack into phones (iOS and Android!), they know who their prey is and they hunt deliberately.

We at FlexManage have seen all too many firms where busy lawyers sidestep essential security measures, even such basic steps as requiring complex passwords that change every 60-90 days. The consequences include ransomware attacks that permanently encrypt vital data, and losses in the millions of dollars.

Here’s where FlexManage’s strategic consulting can help.

Our clients trust us to:

  • Build awareness campaigns
  • Deliver multi-media education to enhance firm-wide security awareness
  • Implement regular, ongoing testing to locate weak links in our clients’ protective systems.

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