Dashboard in a Day: Microsoft Power BI Workshop

Go from data to insights in minutes. Dashboard in a Day is a free one-day workshop, designed to accelerate your Microsoft Power BI experience through a comprehensive instructor-led training program. Hosted at the Microsoft office in downtown Chicago, BI experts from Microsoft Partner, FlexManage, will train participants on how to utilize Power BI in their [...]

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Citrix Analytics Services: Artificial Intelligence means data

There were several announcements at the opening Vision Keynote address today at Citrix Synergy 2017, including: Citrix Workspace Service - "The future of StoreFront" XenApp 7.14 - "Time to get off of XenApp 6.5" Citrix Analytics Services - "AI Means Data" Citrix Security Practice - "Team of Citrix Security Experts" Of all of those, it feels like [...]

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How to eliminate the bottlenecks in every IT environment

Before coming over to run managed services for an IT services provider, I was a director for managed services with an eDiscovery (“electronic discovery”) services provider. Interestingly enough, there are a lot of similarities between the two. In eDiscovery, there were always bottlenecks between retrieving data for litigation, the processing of that data, storing it, [...]

How to create your enterprise data strategy with Microsoft Power BI

Creating an enterprise data strategy can be time-consuming, and difficult. Often the decision of whether the data is the primary corporate asset must come from the top of management. Often the buy-in from higher-ups is difficult and cumbersome. However, it must be recognized that data is the asset from which we can make informed business [...]

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5 steps to a solid disaster recovery plan

If your business was about to be destroyed by fire, and you had one minute to save one file, what would it be? I’d guess not your pictures of Fluffy the cat. But maybe your payroll data or customer order list. A Disaster Recovery Plan defines which data you will save first and what will be [...]

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