Cortana Intelligence Suite: Building your business around the Intelligence

Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Microsoft offices and participating in training related to Cortana Intelligence Suite. When you think of Microsoft these days you think of one of the largest, if not the largest technology giant in town. I was somewhat intimidated walking into the Suite 200 of the Chicago offices, but what [...]

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Video Blog: Microsoft Azure Fast Start Workshop – Infrastructure Fundamentals

Get the breakdown of our Microsoft Azure Fast Start Workshop focusing on Infrastructure Fundamentals in this video by FlexManage Cloud Solution Architect David Kelly. David lists the details of this interactive structured workshop designed by FlexManage that will quickly deliver business benefits to you. David will review the key benefits of Azure - Microsoft's intelligent [...]

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Cyberthreat Trends: People are the problem

San Francisco: On Nov. 10, 2016, the FBI talked to me about cyber-security. Fortunately, they weren’t knocking on my door to tell me that all my data has been hacked and my identity has been stolen. I attended an ILTA presentation on Cyberthreat Trends, delivered by Supervisory Special Agent Elvis Chan, to a packed house [...]

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Video Blog: Operating System Deployment, Migration & Planning using Microsoft Configuration Manager and AppSense

In this video, Scott Schmidt - Systems Integration Solution Architect at FlexManage - discusses operating system deployment and migration planning using Microsoft Configuration Manage and AppSense. He reviews technical issues regarding what goes into the image and what goes into the deployment process. He also addresses the biggest industry-wide question: How do I comfortably and [...]

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Experience the Microsoft Cloud at MTC!

Technology initiatives can transform your business, but they can also stall or end in disaster. How can you ensure your technology investments payoff by creating new businesses, enabling your employees to be more productive or open new channels to engage with your customers? From late October to early December at the Microsoft Technology Center, get [...]

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You’re Invited: Extend Your Data Center to the Cloud While Boosting Security and Performance

Join Microsoft, FlexManage and Level 3 for a 1/2 day seminar to learn about Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute. Hybrid cloud is trending, and for good reason. It allows organizations to use components of their legacy private cloud infrastructure, with the scalability and elasticity of the public cloud. But it only works if they have a fast, [...]

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DevTest in the Cloud Part 4 – How on-demand environments can take a 15-month SDLC down to 9 months

In Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, I walked you through some typical waste in many companies SDLC and environments have up to 6 months of waste built into them: Using Azure and Azure Site Recovery, on demand environments could be created from Production, delivering environments with up-to-date data exactly when they are needed: [...]

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Video Blog: Microsoft Azure Dev Test

PLA's David Kelly, Solution Architect discusses a common issue for enterprise organizations - when a typical 15-month development cycle increases to 18 months due to environmental issues that are experienced at every step in their Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC). As a solution, Azure Site Recovery (ASR) can be used to quickly deliver repeatable Dev/Test [...]

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DevTest in the Cloud Part 3 – Deeper dive into how environments slow down your SDLC

In my last blog post, I showed that sharing environments with old, stale data is causing huge waste in your SDLC. Here, I am sharing with you how to use Azure and Azure Site Recovery to quickly replicate environments to solve these problems. Azure Site Recovery is a Microsoft solution that can: 1. Replicate a [...]

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Armor, FlexManage Partner to Offer Military-Grade Cloud Security and Compliance Solutions

Provides advanced threat intelligence with 24/7 support, complete with PCI and HIPPA adherence RICHARDSON, Texas – Sept. 14, 2016 – The complex nature of the security landscape has businesses across industries seeking seasoned experts for guidance and support. FlexManage, a leading technology consulting firm and Microsoft Systems Integrator, and Armor, a leading provider of managed cloud security, today [...]

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