Help your end-users win the SharePoint Search lottery!

Everybody loves the idea of winning a lottery. For a very small investment, you reap huge benefits, get to retire, and live out the rest of your days on some exotic island somewhere.

Back here in reality, we have systems to maintain, and end users that need information. They need to find what they want, when they want it. They need the latest version of the information, and preferably, need to find it quickly and easily… what’s technically known as “hassle free.”

For most organizations, that requires SharePoint Search. Put your content in SharePoint and it can be found using SharePoint Search. But SharePoint Search “out of the box” is far from nirvana. The utopia end users expect usually turns into a very difficult time trudging through file after file trying to find the right one. SharePoint Search out of the box is good… your users need great.

But what if you could win the SharePoint Search lottery? What if you yourself could reap huge benefits from your SharePoint Search without a large investment? What if you could retire to some exotic island knowing that your users were happily searching and finding exactly what they needed?

SharePoint Search Key Features

So maybe the exotic island is out of the picture for now, but a GREAT search experience is closer than you think. The following features of SharePoint Search make it an easy candidate for a super-rich search experience.

(1) Metadata

The biggest bang for your buck is metadata. Through the use of the Managed Metadata Service, you open up to a new world of rich search and focused search results. With a sound strategy using content types, term sets, default values and managed metadata properties, your end user’s search experience comes alive with precise search and search results.

Metadata is the foundation upon which the other features are built.

(2) Custom Refiners

Help your users refine their search results to help them pinpoint the exact file for which they are looking. Not sure of the name, but know that it was a financial document for fiscal year 2016 that was generated by the office of the president? Applying custom refiners correctly can help your users locate the exact file they need quickly.

(3) Promoted Links

Promoted Links can be used to make sure the right file(s) get to the top of the search results. We all know what we are looking for when we search for the word “holiday.” We want the holiday list for this fiscal year so we know when our next day off is coming. We don’t need to see the holiday schedule for all of the project sites, or all of the documents authored by “David Holiday.” The fiscal year holiday list can be a ‘promoted result’ for the search string ‘holiday’ to be sure the right file gets to the top of the search results list.

There are many other ways to improve search experience on a budget. For a very small investment, you could reap huge benefits for your SharePoint Search users.

Give us a call today and let us show you just how easy it can be.

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